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Dynamic Optimization Software (DyOS)

Dynamic Optimization Software (DyOS) is a software tool for solving multi-stage dynamic optimization problems.

This problem class includes the optimization of operation and control for chemical processes and energy systems, and other related applications.

A large class of dynamic optimization problems involve models given by differential-algebraic equations. DyOS features state-of-the-art numerical solution methods, among them an automatic adaptation of the control profile discretization. DyOS has successfully been used to solve:

  • multi-stage problems,
  • nonlinear model-predictive control problems,
  • dynamic optimization problems under uncertainty, and
  • integrated scheduling and control problems.

Energy system models can be passed to DyOS, e.g., as Functional Mock-up Units. For a comfortable usage of DyOS, interfaces to Python and MATLAB are included.

Open-source available here.

URL: http://permalink.avt.rwth-aachen.de/?id=295232

Contact: dyos@avt.rwth-aachen.de

Source: Caspari A, Bremen AM, Faust JMM, Jung F, Kappatou CD, Sass S, Vaupel Y, Hannemann-Tamás R, Mhamdi A, Mitsos A. DyOS- A Framework for Optimization of Large-Scale Differential Algebraic Equation Systems. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 2019;46:619-624.

Acknowledgements: DyOS has been developed at AVT.PT (RWTH Aachen) and is still under continuous development at AVT.SVT (RWTH Aachen) with funding from various public and private institutions.

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