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AMIRIS is an agent-based electricity market model for the analysis and evaluation of regulatory frameworks for the market integration of renewable energy and flexibility options.

AMIRIS enables investigating the influence of regulatory framework conditions on the behavior and profitability of energy market actors, considering different marketing paths.

The model computes electricity prices endogenously based on the simulation of strategic bidding behavior of prototyped market actors. This bidding behavior does not only reflect marginal prices, but can also consider effects of support instruments like market premia, uncertainties and limited information, or market power.

In AMIRIS actors are represented as agents that can be roughly divided into six classes: Power plant operators, traders, marketplaces, policy providers, demand, and storage facilities. Power plant operators provide generation capacities to traders, but do not trade on the markets themselves in the model. Instead, supply traders conduct the marketing and employ bidding strategies. Marketplaces serve as trading platforms and organize market clearing. Policy providers define a regulatory framework which impacts the decisions of other agents. Demand agents request energy directly at the electricity market. Finally, flexibility providers, e.g., storage operators, use forecasts to determine bidding patterns matching their objective.

Due to its agent-based and modular nature, AMIRIS can be easily extended or modified. AMIRIS is based on the open Framework for distributed Agent-based Modelling of Energy systems FAME . Due to its high-performance computing capabilities and efficient development paradigms, AMIRIS can simulate even large-scale agent systems in a short time. Currently, a model year at hourly resolution can be simulated in less than a minute on standard desktop computers.

Open-source available here.

URL: https://dlr-ve.gitlab.io/esy/amiris/home/

Contact: amiris@dlr.de


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Acknowledgements: AMIRIS has been developed within public funded projects and with financial support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, as well as the European Union.

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