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European systems genetics network for the study of complex genetic human diseases using mouse genetic reference populations

Activity Code: OC-2008-2-2306
Coordinator: Prof. Dr Klaus Schughart, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research


The main objective of the Action is to contribute to the discovery of gene networks that are involved in the development of complex genetic diseases in human.

The main benefit of establishing SYSGENET will be at the scientific level. SYSGENET will allow researchers in different European countries to devise common research programmes and infrastructures which will give them access to various GRP resources from different European laboratories and to future GRP resources world-wide. The results from these research activities will provide the basis for a better understanding of human diseases and allow the development of new strategies for their prevention and therapy. In addition, SYSGENET will create a data sharing pan-European platform where the results of multiple phenotypic studies can be combined and new associations between phenotypes, gene networks and genotypes can be identified, allowing entering into the new area of systems genetics.

Project Details:

Start Date: 13.11.2009
End Date: 01.11.2013
EU Contribution: 300,000 Euro
Funding Scheme: Concerted Action
Administrative Contact Person: Michael Strätz, Michael.Straetz@helmholtz-hzi.de
Programme Coordinator:
Prof. Dr Klaus Schughart, klaus.schughart@helmholtz.hzi.de