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Strategic high-level transport model

Activity Code: TPT.2012.2-1.
Project Reference: 321624
Coordinator:Karlsruher Institut für Technologie


The HIGH-TOOL project aims at developing a free and open high-level strategic transport model to assess economic, social and environmental impacts of transport policy. The HIGH-TOOL model will allow quick scanning of transport policy options by the European Commission (EC). Input and output indicators of the model will be based on policy targets of the White Paper 2011 and the Roadmap for moving to a low-carbon economy in 2050, but may also be relevant to other areas of transport policy. The EC’s Impact Assessment Guidelines will serve as an important reference to define the model’s output variables.
The HIGH-TOOL model will be largely based on equations and elasticity developed in previous or ongoing research projects.
The model will serve as a pre-selection tool of policy options that will be further evaluated by more detailed models such as TRANSTOOLS and TREMOVE. High attention will be attached to obtain consistency between HIGH-TOOL and the EU 2012 Reference Scenario.
The model will be introduced successively during the project in order to facilitate the participation of potential users: The prototype version will be provided at an early stage, and will be largely based on existing and previous meta-models such as EXPEDITE, SUMMA or TRANSVISIONS. This prototype will be extended continuously by substituting and/ or refining the modelling formulation and adding further functionalities. This evolution process will be carried out under involvement of users, and under consideration of results from testing and validation processes. The development of the model will be accompanied by a Scientific Advisory Board, assembling distinguished experts that represent model users and model developers.
The HIGH-TOOL model will provide a web interface allowing users to assess policy options via the Internet.


  • Mcrit, S.L., Spain
  • Nederlandse organisatie voor toegepast natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek -TNO, Netherlands
  • MKmetric Gesellschaft für Systemplanung mbH, Germany
  • Panteia B.V., Netherlands
  • Transport & Mobility Leuven NV, Belgium
  • Significance B.V., Netherlands
  • Fomterv Mernoki Tervezo Zrt., Hungary