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Joint Programming Initiative Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe - Coordination and Support Action

Activity Code:  ENV.2012.6.1-6
Project Reference: 323241
Coordinator:German Aerospace Center (DLR)


The overall objective of this Coordination and Support Action is to coordinate and support the development and the implementation plans of the Joint Programming Initiative Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (JPI Climate). The CSA will serve as a tool integrated in JPI Climate to enable it to address the challenges of climate change. Hence, it will contribute to the EU objective of building the European Research Area through enhanced cooperation and coordination of national research programmes.
The CSA will coordinate preparatory activities within JPI Climate and will support the capacity-building process, with the aim of shortening the time required to reach the implementation phase.
This will be done by further developing the common strategic research agenda and by refining the mapping exercise. With regard to the implementation a general concept for JPI Climate as a whole will be developed with preparing a catalogue of possible joint activities, developing and revising implementation schemes.
Another main task of the CSA will be developing of a network strategy and the establishment of JPI Climate as the leading European platform to align policies in the area of climate research. This includes the coordination and development of synergies with the existing research and innovation schemes in the EU.
The development of a strategy how to engage with member states not yet involved in JPI Climate and involve international institutions outside of Europe will complement this task.
Further, the adaptation of the Framework Conditions will be an important step towards the implementation of JPI Climate.
An appropriate use of the research findings requires effective communication strategies (web-sites, conferences, brochures). Therefore, the development of an optimized dissemination strategy will be part of the CSA as well.

Project Details:

Start Date: 2013-01-01
End Date: 2015-12-31
EU Contribution: EUR 1 997 191
Total Costs: EUR 2 427 362
Funding Scheme: Coordination (or networking) actions
Contact Person: Silke KRAUS (Dr)
Programme Acronym: FP7-ENVIRONMENT
Subprogramme Area: ENV.2012.6.1-6


  • Ilmatieteen Laitos, Finland
  • Aarhus Universitet, Danmark
  • The Chancellor, Masters And Scholars Of The University Of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Universitaet Fuer Bodenkultur Wien, Österreich
  • Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut-Knmi, Nederland
  • Helsingin Yliopisto, Finland
  • Sveriges Meteorologiska Och Hydrologiska Institut, Sverige
  • Centro Euro-Mediterraneo Sui Cambiamenti Climatici Scarl, Italia
  • Service Public Federal De Programmation Politique Scientifique, Belgique
  • Environmental Protection Agency Of Ireland, Ireland
  • Norges Forskningsrad, Norge
  • Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek, Nederland
  • Forskningsrådet För Miljö, Areella Näringar Och Samhällsbyggande, Sverige
  • Stichting Vu-Vumc, Nederland
  • Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique, France
  • The University Of Reading, United Kingdom
  • Agence Nationale De La Recherche, France