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The programme "Cooperation" supports all types of research activities carried out by different research bodies in trans-national cooperation and aims to gain or consolidate leadership in key scientific and technology areas.

The "Cooperation" programme is sub-divided into ten distinct themes. Each theme is operationally autonomous but aims to maintain coherence within the "Cooperation" Programme and allowing for joint activities cutting across different themes, through, for example, joint calls. The ten identified themes as well as the JTI reflect the most important fields of knowledge and technology where research excellence is particularly important to improve Europe’s ability to address its social, economic, public health, environmental and industrial challenges of the future.

  1. Health
  2. Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Biotechnology
  3. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  4. Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials & new production technologies (NMP)
  5. Energy
  6. Environment (including climate change)
  7. Transport (including aeronautics)
  8. Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities
  9. Space
  10. Security

  11. Joint Technology Initiatives