Helmholtz Imaging Platform (HIP)

Images are ubiquitous in society. The same holds true for science. An increasingly large proportion of data and information are collected and processed in the form of images. New technologies and algorithms help rapidly handle and analyze these images.

The Helmholtz Association has therefore adopted an innovative approach in order to systematically support and further develop imaging processes and methods of analysis: the Helmholtz Imaging Platform.

Helmholtz already operates unique facilities in this field, for example synchrotron radiation sources and satellite imaging equipment. The latest technologies for medical imaging are also available, such as the Optical Imaging Center (OIC) at the MDC and the Zentrum für Radiologische Wissenschaft und Entwicklung (center for radiological science and development) at the DKFZ. At the same time, image data represent a considerable proportion of the data generated in scientific research as a whole. For example, deep sea monitoring at the AWI or at GEOMAR produces large quantities of image data that flow into scientific analysis. The KIT, HZB, and HZDR also use imaging processes to study the properties of new materials.

The Helmholtz Imaging Platform will include research into imaging processes, provision of advisory services in the field of imaging processes, and access to imaging modalities and image data. HIP will thus generate added value for the whole Association; not only will it work on the technical and methodological aspects of the research area, it will also develop a network for exchanging ideas and developing expertise. This will further increase the visibility of Helmholtz as a leading player in the field of imaging at the international level.

For further information, see the concept for the Helmholtz Imaging Platform HIP (PDF in German)

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