Helmholtz Federated IT Services (HIFIS)

A modern, Association-wide information infrastructure is the foundation for excellent research within and beyond the six Helmholtz research fields. Helmholtz Federated IT Services (HIFIS) addresses this need and provides a seamless and powerful IT infrastructure.

This includes a secure and user-friendly collaborative environment offering information and communication technology services that are accessible from anywhere. HIFIS supports the development of high-quality, secure, and sustainable research software.

These objectives are implemented through three competence clusters: the Cloud Services Cluster providing a federated platform for proven, first-class cloud services, a Backbone Services Cluster providing a powerful and reliable network infrastructure with uniform basic services, and a Software Services Cluster providing a platform, training, and support for high-quality, sustainable software development.

The Cloud Services Cluster deals specifically with providing a federated cloud platform for services that are offered to the entire scientific community and partners across the country. The federation primarily consists of existing solutions from various providers and adds a meta-level to these in order to provide users with standardized access. This will then gradually be expanded to include more innovative solutions.

The HIFIS Backbone Services Cluster aims to provide a stable network infrastructure and basic services that can be used across the Association in order to address the increasing need for research networking and to handle the increasing volume of data at Helmholtz.

The Software Services Cluster will, on the one hand, train and support researchers to enable them to develop and publish high-quality software that can be maintained and used on a sustainable basis. On the other hand, this competence cluster will encourage researchers to continue to use existing software by providing tools to find and use appropriate software solutions and contact persons, as well as lending support in building communities for specific research software.

For further information see the HIFIS-Website & the concept for Helmholtz Infrastructure for Federated IT Services, HIFIS.

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