Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases

The aim of this programme is to shed light on the causes and pathophysiological aspects of cardiovascular disease at the cellular, genetic and epigenetic levels and to investigate their interaction with environmental causes. The findings of this research serve as a foundation for developing new diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic strategies. The programme takes a translational approach, transforming new basic research findings into clinical applications as quickly as possible.

It focuses on the interplay between the immune system and cardiovascular disease, non-coding RNA, the role of metabolism in the prognosis, prevention and development of cardiovascular disease, new animal models for disease, and the development of effective phenotyping. Its researchers study heart development and congenital heart disease, active biomaterials as the source of new drugs, and regenerative medicine. In the third funding period, research into these last two topics will be continued in the programme “Biomaterial-Based Technologies for Regenerative Medicine” in the field of information research.

Participating Helmholtz Centres:

German Cancer Research Centre
Max Delbrück Center for Moleculare Medicine (MDC) Berlin-Buch

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