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Climate Initiative

We are pooling the strengths of our research centers to identify solutions in the fight against climate change.

Heat waves and droughts, melting glaciers and rising sea levels: Climate change poses a major challenge to humankind. We need to contain its causes as quickly and sustainably as possible. At the same time, we must also adapt our lives to a to a massively changing world.

Climate research is therefore an important focus of our work. We pool our expertise in the Helmholtz Climate Initiative. It concentrates on the two focal points "Net-zero-2050" and "Adaptation to extreme events". In a total of 13 research projects, our scientists are investigating the effects of climate change and developing solution models – be it alternative energy sources, new technologies for mobility or innovative ideas for agriculture. We are in close contact with other leading international experts. We also attach particular importance to a lively dialogue with society; with our expertise, we are available to politicians, industry and the media, and we also provide the general public with up-to-date, scientifically sound specialist knowledge.

Website Helmholtz Climate Initiative

Contact: Helmholtz-Climate Initiative

Sabine Attinger

General Coordinator and Scientific Head Cluster Adaptation

Daniela Jacob

Scientific Head Cluster Mitigation

Meike Lohkamp

Provisional Head of Commuication and Press Spokesperson

Andreas Marx

Scientific Coordinator Adaptation

Fiona Köhnke

Wissenschaftliche Koordinatorin des Bereichs Mitigation

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