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Maike Becker receives the MTZ-Helmholtz Health Award 2024

From left to right: Otmar D. Wiestler, Maike Becker, Monika and Thomas Zimmermann (MTZ-Stiftung). Photo: David Marschalsky

For her groundbreaking research on the intricate interactions between immune cells and metabolic tissues, Maike Becker was honored in Berlin.

Metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, are dramatically increasing in number. Intricate interactions between immune cells and metabolic tissues play a crucial role in such conditions. It has recently been recognized that the immune system, in addition to its classical function in immune defense, also significantly contributes to maintaining tissue homeostasis and regeneration. Maike Becker’s research is at the forefront of this field, which has gained increasing importance recently. A better understanding of the interactions between the immune system and metabolic tissues will be crucial for the development of precision medicines in the fight against diabetes. The researcher’s goal is to modulate so-called regulatory T cells, which not only control inflammatory processes but also tissue function and regeneration. For her groundbreaking research, Maike Becker of Helmholtz Munich is now receiving the MTZ-Helmholtz Health Award 2024.

The award, sponsored by the MTZ® Foundation, is aimed at scientists from the Research Field Helmholtz Health who are working in the field of medically oriented systems biology or systems medicine. It serves as recognition for outstanding scientific achievements in the scientific development phase and is intended to support and encourage the award winners to continue their scientific careers in the field of systems biology/systems medicine.

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