The Helmholtz Leadership Academy

The Helmholtz Leadership Academy has over a decade of experience in developing science leaders.  Its subjects include strategy, organizational development as well as self and team leadership.

Our programs are open to Helmholtz managers and executive, who hold a leadership position in science, administration or infrastructure. Members of partner organizations and universities are also welcome to attend.

For us, leadership is a systemic function, meaning that it serves to ensure the viability of an organisation by providing vital developmental impulses. This is necessary because an organisation’s environment (shaped by political, customer, market and/or industry requirements) is constantly and increasingly in flux.

Every organisation has to find its own way to respond effectively to its rapidly changing environment. To do so, it is necessary to be aware of behavioral patterns within the organisation, particularly with regard to how specific issues are addressed. To systematically examine and challenge organisational patterns and ways of operating is therefore a continuous leadership task (Wimmer/Schumacher, 2009).

At the core, leadership means shaping social interactions within the overall framework of the organization. How this is achieved is highly context-dependent.

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