The Helmholtz Leadership Academy

The Helmholtz Leadership Academy has over a decade of experience in developing science leaders.  Its subjects include strategy, organizational development as well as self and team leadership.

Our programs are open to Helmholtz managers and executive, who hold a leadership position in science, administration or infrastructure. Members of partner organizations and universities are also welcome to attend.

Management training with a focus on science: working with authentic materials and real-life cases, the Helmholtz Leadership Academy ensures that general management techniques are applied in a way which is relevant to science management. The methodology focuses on activity-oriented learning. Each course has at most 15 participants and is taught by two trainers.  This guarantees that participants receive training directly relevant to their working lives.

Personalised training on the core tasks of a participant's career stage: the courses are tailored to the needs of various target groups and structured according to the challenges of different levels of managerial responsibility from preparing for leadership to managing large organisational units.

Individual career development: Helmholtz Leadership Academy courses provide participants with the opportunity to take stock of their career path.

Networking opportunities: courses, evenings around the fireplace with special guests, and services for alumni of the academy provide a wide range of networking opportunities.

The Helmholtz Association’s partners are HRpepper and Heitger Consulting.

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