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The corona crisis brings into sharp focus existing leadership topics and trends, such as moving your team into remote work and virtually leading dispersed teams as well as sense making and providing guidance to your team in times of uncertainty.

At the same time, the crisis has unleashed a great deal of creativity and momentum for change, potentially changing the way we work long-term.

We at the Helmholtz Leadership Academy therefore consider it of utmost importance to continue providing the Helmholtz Association and its leadership community with a platform to discuss their leadership challenges and share their learning experiences.

For current programs, the Academy is already developing and implementing virtual formats tailored specifically to each affected group, which aim to provide participants with this very opportunity and to allow them to continue with their respective leadership program.

In addition, the Academy has set up a #virtual leadership chat, offering all participants and alumni the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their current leadership challenges. If you are a participant or alumn and have not received an ivite to these events, please let us know.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. The team of the Helmholtz Leadership Academy continues to be at your disposal via email or telephone. We will resume holding classes at Liebenberg as soon as possible and will keep participants updated in the meantime.



Management training with a focus on science: working with authentic materials and real-life cases, the Helmholtz Leadership Academy ensures that general management techniques are applied in a way which is relevant to science management. The methodology focuses on activity-oriented learning. Each course has at most 15 participants and is taught by two trainers.  This guarantees that participants receive training directly relevant to their working lives.

Personalised training on the core tasks of a participant's career stage: the courses are tailored to the needs of various target groups and structured according to the challenges of different levels of managerial responsibility from preparing for leadership to managing large organisational units. Additional optional modules cover specific topics.

Individual career development: Helmholtz Leadership Academy courses provide participants with the opportunity to take stock of their career path.

Networking opportunities: courses, evenings around the fireplace with special guests, and services for alumni of the academy provide a wide range of networking opportunities. Participants and course materials remain accessible after the workshops via an online e-learning and networking platform.

The Helmholtz Association’s partners are HRpepper and Heitger Consulting. The Helmholtz Leadership Academy works with IBM Deutschland on the design of its e-learning platform.

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