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25 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall

On November 4, 1989 Johnannes Orphal demonstrated on the Alexanderplatz. Today, the renowned climate scientist thinks with relief at the fall of the wall.


Research: The difficult search for reasons

Every year, some 800,000 people worldwide take their own life. Usually, suicide has more than one reason. German researchers have investigated the influence of working conditions on suicide risk.


What are the consequences of climate change for Germany?

Scientists from around the world discussed in Berlin the regional effects of global climate change. For Germany, the experts expect more storms and floods, amongst other things.


Interview: The revolution on our roads

Hartmut Runge and his team from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have developed the DriveMark technology. In the following interview, he explains how DriveMark has revolutionised digital maps.


Free will – only an illusion?

Brain researchers, philosophers and computer experts are on the search for the core of the self. Who or what guides our thoughts and actions? We ourselves, our free will? Or are our behaviour and thought determined by complex chemical processes in our brain? In Berlin, scientists searched for answers.


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