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Geothermics: Energy from inside the Earth

99 per cent of the Earth's mass are hotter than 1,000 degrees Celsius. Each day, 2.5 times the energy consumed worldwide escapes unused from the interior of the Earth into space. Could we tap this potential of geothermal energy? In Iceland, 90 per cent of households are supplied with heat from the depth and steam powers power plant turbines. In Germany, the case is more complex.


Interview: How to safely navigate the Internet?

Online banking, cash-free payments at the supermarket checkout, connecting all devices in your own four walls: the rapid development of digital technology changes our lives. Without doubt they make a lot of things easier. But the digitalisation of our daily life brings about also uncertainties. In our interview, cryptologist Jörn Müller-Quade tells us how we can really protect our data. Start of a series in the context of the Science Year "The Digital Society".


Material Science: Gecko foot model for perfect adhesive tape

As yet, commercially available adhesive tape and gecko feet do not really have much in common. But that could change. Material researchers use the reptile as a model for developing reusable adhesive tapes with self-cleaning effect for applications in sports, medicine and space travel.


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