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Cyborgs: They are amongst us

From science fiction films, we know cyborgs to be creatures with superhuman capabilities and dangerous powers. Far from it! In truth, we peacefully co-exist with them.


Comet hunter Rosetta: Time of awakening

In November, for the first time ever and after a ten-year flight through our solar system, travelling more than seven billion kilometres, a spacecraft is scheduled to accompany a comet for a longer term and to set down a landing unit. On 20th January it awakened as planned from an energy-saving hibernation mode: a key moment in the entire mission.


EU energy policy: "A toothless tiger"

The EU is bidding farewell to binding targets for the expansion of renewable energysources and the German grand coalition intends to cut back funding for green power. An interview with Paul Lehmann, environmental economist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, regarding the consequences.


Aeronautics: How to de-ice an aeroplane?

It may be a romantic experience for passengers when an aeroplane flies through the clouds thousands of metres above the ground. From a technical viewpoint, however, this journey in the sky provides a problem. The clouds can deposit ice on the wings, caused by over-chilled water particles.


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