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Bacteria: Nice to have you here!

Bacteria are our friends - this is the new motto in medicine. Spectacular discoveries offer hope for therapies against diseases that were heretofore not treatable.


Interview: Can a system of decentralised power supply pay off?

Whether it involves wind turbines out in the field or solar cells on your roof - tomorrow's approach to power generation will be decentralised and fluctuates according to weather conditions. To assure that electricity from the power outlet is always available everywhere, research scientists are working on new forms of energy storage. 


Portrait: “”In Germany it’s possible to accomplish just about anything””

Rohini Kumar grew up in the Ganges plain in northern India. Now he works at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ in Leipzig.


HELMHOLTZ extreme: The largest pedestrian experiment in the world

When many people are packed together in a small room, it gets cramped – and sometimes dangerous as well.


Two points of view: Everything free of charge for everybody?

Open Science is a promise – everything that scientists publish should be made available to everybody. And there’s more – scientists should disclose all of their research data. Could this really work out? And is it fair?


Numbers: What is the price for an unhealthy lifestyle?

An individual who smokes and drinks a lot, frequently eats red meat, and is overweight lives up to 17 years less. These are the findings from a study conducted by the German Cancer Research Center. One of the co-authors explains how this number came about.


Genetic Engineering: Good and bad manipulation

As long as it concerns medical progress, hardly anybody has anything against genetic engineering. Conversely, what ends up on our plates should be free of genetically-modified DNA. Insights into the debate between scientists and their critics.


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