Ideas 2020 – A Tour of Tomorrow’s World

The exhibition of the Helmholtz Association “Ideas 2020 – A Tour of Tomorrow’s World” is based on an innovative, interactive concept that aims to make the fascinating complexity and diversity of today’s scientific research accessible to the public. It highlights some of the major scientific research projects being carried out in Germany, in line with the aims and priorities set out in the High-Tech‐Strategy for Germany, the German government’s concept for national research and innovation policy.

On their “Tour of Tomorrow’s World”, visitors encounter seven pillars that stand for seven great challenges facing society today. They are accompanied by multi-touch screens, giving visitors fascinating insights into the work of scientists and allowing them to ask questions about our future.

Impressions of the exhibition

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  • Photo of Barbara Diehl
    • Barbara Diehl
    • Director of Department Transfer and Innovation
      Helmholtz Association