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Exhibition dates: 7 March  2007 till 29 June 2007
Venue: Council Courtyard, Justus Lipsius Building

Rom, Vatican City, Italy

Italy's largest city and the world's smallest state viewed from space. St. Peter's Square is clearly visible in the top, left-hand corner. Its shape is symbolic, welcoming the faithful with open arms. That's how architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini planned it in the 17th century. The River Tiber meanders through Rome. A bridge once opened the way to trade between the Latins and the Etruscans. The origins of an ancient empire and a wonderful city.

The Alpin Arc, Shrouded in Fog

The autumn and winter months often see high-pressure weather systems settle over Central Europe, frequently accompanied by extensive fog and mist. Only the high-lying areas remain cloudless - such as the more than 2,000 km Alpine Arc seen here. North of the Alps, centre-right in the image, we see Lake Starnberg. Further north, an almost circular gap in the fog appears: Munich. The air temperature in the city is several degrees warmer and so acts like a hotplate. It has already dissipated the fog here and there.

Danube Delta, Romania

At 2,845 km, the Danube is Europe's second longest river. In Romania, it flows into the Black Sea, where it forms a 5,000 km2, hardly accessible delta, a habitat for thousands of animal and plant species. This image was taken by the MOMS sensor - a perfect instrument for studying ecosystems and an important aid for improving analysis of how humans impact nature. False colours make it very easy to distinguish water areas (red) and vegetation (blue).

Agriculture, Slovakia

This satellite image delivers data for detailed, accurate maps of how land is used in Slovakia. Such information is important for the European Union's common agricultural policy. Half of its total area is farmed, with the EU spending more than 40 billion euros per year on agricultural subsidies. Satellites help monitor the funded areas. And farmers use SatNav systems for precision farming to optimize the use of agricultural machinery and fertilizers.

London in Detail - Viewed from Space

The Thames winds its way through London, meandering from west to east. The satellite image with a resolution of one metre also reveals small details, like individual boats on the river or London's typically red buses. London's famous parks appear in the upper centre - with Hyde Park easily the largest of these. To the east, the House of Commons with Big Ben stands out clearly on the banks of the Thames. On the right-hand edge, Tower Bridge spans the Thames.

Island Formentera, Spain

The image shows the northern end of Formentera. The left-hand side shows the town of La Savina, with the island's only larger port clearly recognisable. The righthand lagoon lies below sea level and has a higher salt content than the surrounding sea. This is why the Salinas of Formentera were built directly adjacent to it, for the commercial production of salt. However, the salinas closed in 1987 because they were no longer economically viable.