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  • 13.11.2020
    Helmholtz Colloquium: Networking Solid State Quantum Computers


    Helmholtz-wide colloquium scheduled on the occasion of the appointment of Prof. Andreas Wallraff (ETH) as Helmholtz International Fellow.

    Quantum computing is a radically new approach to processing information. It is one of the approaches which has the potential to address the ever-growing need of society, industry and research for computing power. The ETH Zurich has designed, realized and tested a first data link which allows superconducting-circuit-based quantum processors located in different systems to directly exchange quantum information. 

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  • 20.01.2021
    Helmholtz Open Science Forum: Indicators for Open Science


    Open Access, Open Research Data and Open Research Software: these topics are shaping the current discussions on Open Science in the Helmholtz Association. But what indicators show the cultural change towards Open Science? The Helmholtz Open Science Forum is dedicated to this aspect under the motto "Indicators for Open Science" on 20.01.2021.

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  • 02.02.2021
    "Mind The Gap – Get Your Idea From Lab To Market"


    Workshop for Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres

    Goal: Train Helmholtz researchers on becoming entrepreneurs who can connect technology with market needs and launch new businesses. The training will combine theory and practical workshop, individual and group work, offering access to Israeli experts, know-how and best practice. During the training, each participant will develop, polish, present and receive feedback on their own business ideas.

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  • 10.03.2021
    8th Helmholtz Diabetes Conference

    Digitales Event,

    Helmholtz Zentrum München is presenting the 8th edition of its renowned Helmholtz Diabetes Conference. From May 10-12, 2021, world-leading scientists in diabetes research will come together to present and discuss their most recent results and achievements. This conference will focus on the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms involved in the development of diabetes. In line with the event’s aim to promote research excellence we will feature the HelDI (Helmholtz Young Investigator in Diabetes) award with selected talks by rising stars in the field of diabetes. We will also host the Helmholtz Diabetes Lecture to recognize the outstanding lifetime achievements of a selected scientist in diabetes research. This time, the honor of presenting the lecture will be given to Prof. Susan Bonner-Weir, Joslin Diabetes Center. 

    Due to the ongoing pandemic, this years’ conference will be held virtually! We look forward to welcoming you from our virtual studio in Munich.

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