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Munich School for Data Sciences (MUDS)

The aim of the Munich School for Data Science (MUDS) is to educate the next generation of Data Scientists at the interface of data science and four different application areas: Biomedicine, Plasma Physics, Earth Observation, and Robotics. The common ground in these different application areas is in the data-based and model-based research approaches. The training at MUDS is designed to explore new ways to connect these two poles.


The MUDS educational program is a combination of introductory fundamentals of data science, as well as relevant interdisciplinary courses and active research training in each specific application area and educational track. In addition to the general training program, each doctoral researcher defines an individual study plan together with the supervisors. In this way, the training program is specifically tailored to the research profile and needs of the doctoral student.

The MUDS curriculum includes:

  • Basic and advanced scientific courses (e.g. Data Science Block Course)

  • Transferable skill courses

  • Bi-weekly seminar series

  • Annual summer schools

  • Participation in (international) conferences

  • Yearly checkpoint meetings with Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC)

  • As a member of the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA), MUDS doctoral researchers have access to a series of attractive events, including hackathons, career days, symposia, and lectures. Moreover, they can complete research stays at a national and international level.

Research Network

At MUDS, Helmholtz Munich (HMGU), the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) have teamed up with the Technical University and the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich to forge an internationally visible and highly attractive research network, with support from the Leibniz Computing Centre and the Max Planck Computing & Data Facility. To promote application-oriented doctoral projects in biomedicine, MUDS has established an industry track with collaborations with Roche Penzberg and Boehringer, and is actively reaching out to other industry partners to extend this track. 

Funding and Duration of the Program

Doctoral researchers within MUDS are funded through PhD contracts (e.g. “E13” TVöD or TV-L, depending on the institution of employment) over a period of four years.

Learn more: https://www.mu-ds.de/

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