Communication & External Affairs

Here you can find the contact details of the staff of the Communication & External Affairs section. More information about our international offices in Brussel, Moscow and Beijing you can find here.

  • Photo of Dr Effrosyni Chelioti
  • Photo of Claudia Herzog


Public Affairs and Science Policy

  • Photo of Oliver Scheele


  • Photo of Alexandra Rosenbach


  • Photo of Christin Liedtke
  • Photo of Elena Wilkniß

Office Brussels

  • Photo of Annika Thies
  • Photo of Alexandra-Sonja Lawson
  • Photo of Angela Richter
  • Photo of Dorothea Kapitza
  • Photo of Kristine August
  • Photo of Barbara Geilen

Israel Office

    • +972 73390 5784/5803
  • Photo of Andrea Frahm
  • Photo of Lotti Simyatizky

Moscow Office

Beijing Office

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