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Particle Physics: At the Core of CERN

In July 2012, scientists at CERN verified the Higgs boson; the theoretical prediction of its existence has earned Peter Higgs and François Englert this year's Nobel Prize in Physics. A rare glimpse behind the scenes of the worldwide leading particle physics research centre.


Computer Simulation: Research Going Virtual

Only ten years ago, computer simulation of a chemical reaction or of the structure of useful materials was impossible. Today, researchers can compute the three-dimensional structure of, for example, biomolecules causing diseases, thus assisting the search for an appropriate active agent.


Cell Biology: order in Chaos

Each cell is a complex and well-organised factory, within which biochemical substances perpetually have to be transported from one location to the other. Yet how does the cell manage to transport the right substances to the right location at the right time?


China: Research in the "Land of Smiles"

Research in China can be strenuous - says someone who knows what he is talking about. On the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of the Helmholtz Office in Beijing, we asked China expert Ingo Liefner what it is like to work in the "Land of Smiles" and what are the cultural and political characteristics of academic life there.


Health Apps: The Smartphone Doctor

Identifying poor eyesight, diagnosing skin cancer, testing one's hearing - just by using a smartphone? Why an app does not substitute seeing a doctor and which mobile phone applications may be useful.


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