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Interview: "A radical change"

How does digitalisation change the world of science? We spoke to Lambert Heller from the Open Science Lab about Open Access, the Impact Factor and a new operating system for science.


Portrait: Learning to understand cancer

Ulrike Stein, research scientist from Berlin, has discovered a gene that is responsible for the growth of tumours. Will this make cancer more predictable in the future?


Greenhouse gas: How to calculate emission rates?

Which country produces how much greenhouse gas? At the Climate Chance Conference in Lima, politicians will again negotiate the reduction of the annual emission rates. But where do those numbers come from? Who verifies them? A report.


Tsunami: The crucial 5 minutes

Ten years ago a tsunami in the Indian Ocean claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. In the mean time, research scientists have constructed one of the most modern tsunami warning systems in the world. It is meant to give the inhabitants there enough time to flee.


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