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Immunotherapy: A new opportunity in the battle against cancer?

Immunotherapy is celebrated as the Great Hope in the battle to soon accomplish considerably improved treatment of the disease.


HELMHOLTZ Extreme: The lightest dome cinema

Extremely light and inflatable. The lightest dome cinema makes a virtual dive into the sea-world possible.


Interview: Research for tailor-made therapies

Development of tailor-made therapies for patients with infectious diseases – this is the goal of the Centre for Individualised Infection Medicine founded in Hanover in December 2015. We had a talk with the founding Director Michael P. Manns.


Permafrost: The big thaw

Permafrost was understood for many years as a “niche topic” – until scientists found out that the permanently frozen terrain could turn into a time-bomb in the context of climate change. A conference with the worldwide leading research scientists is now taking place in Potsdam.


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