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Neurobiology: Looking for the right method

Research scientists worldwide are endeavouring to stimulate nerve cells to renewed growth – in order to help, at some point in the future, stroke patients, paraplegics or those inflicted with Parkinson’s disease.


Interview: Surveying the oceans

How the oceans specifically function, particularly with regard to interactions with climate, is still misunderstood to a great extent. Measurement data is primarily what is missing. An international project endeavours to change this – despite the varied interests of the participating nations.


Fokus@Helmholtz: The quest for a perfect existence

A longer life – as healthy as possible, mentally in shape and physically in top condition. Most people probably have this desire. The market reacts with offers dealing with digital self-monitoring, and research is also conducted to deal with this topic.


HELMHOLTZ Extreme: The most productive algae in the Arctic

It has become a genuine celebrity in the Arctic Ocean – the ice alga (diatom) Melosira arctica. It grows and flourishes like no other life form, whether it is in or under the ice, in brine or melt-ponds.


Portrait: The particle detective

With the aid of the so-called Higgs bosons, physicist Sarah Heim is trying to find those particles which make up the mysterious dark matter in outer space. Starting in September 2016, she is setting up a junior-scientist research group at DESY in Hamburg specifically for this purpose.


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