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Brain research: Speedometer discovered in the human brain

A kind of navigation system in the brain makes it possible to remember locations and travel routes. Now scientists have discovered a kind of speedometer that relays our speed to our navigation system.


Plate tectonics: A crash in super slow motion

The severe earthquake in Nepal at the end of April shifted the earth’s surface by several metres at many locations. These powerful forces arise from the convergence of two continental plates – and have been recurring for 50 million years.


HELMHOLTZ extreme: Criminological disease research

Looking for a treatment for hereditary Huntington's disease , a research team at the Berlin Max Delbrück Center demonstrates criminological serendipity.


Fokus@Helmholtz: Who will call the shots in the future?

How do we imagine the future? Where are the borders between the digital and analogue world? Will machines soon dominate human beings?


Medicine: Defeating two diseases with one pill

Scientists are finding, more and more frequently, new effects in tried and tested drugs. This is worthwhile for pharmaceutical firms – and for patients.


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