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At the very top: Research with a view

Beauty and decay are the researchers' companions at the highest workplace in Germany: the Zugspitze. They research cosmic radiation using snow in plastic buckets and a few spheres. A report.


Portrait: The woman with the DNA scissors

They get rid of their enemies by cutting up their genetic material: Emmanuelle Charpentier used this simple trick employed by bacteria and revolutionised the field of molecular biology.


Natural resources: Mining in the deep ocean

A treasure lies buried in the sea bed. Not a pirate's bounty, no sunken ship – this is about manganese nodules, cobalt-rich crusts and massive sulphide deposits that are found in several kilometres depth. Should we lift this treasure?


Particle accelerator: Well, well, the stuff this machine can do

When hearing particle accelerator, people usually think about basic research and not much else. Yet these facilities serve also very practical purposes. Sometimes, they even kill off cancer cells.


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