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Interview: A virus under suspicion

Cases involving microcephaly have been steadily increasing in Brazil. A correlation with the Zika virus, first introduced in 2014 and which is transmitted by the tiger mosquito, suggests itself. But all too little is known about this virus that is on the advance worldwide.


Somnology: Good night

Recuperative sleep not only contributes to the well-being of human beings – it is first and foremost important for health. The message here: quality over quantity.


Q&A: Why do the Blood Falls “bleed”?

In the middle of the spotless and shiny Taylor Glacier in the Antarctic a blood-red stream flows downhill to the valley. The background for this unique phenomenon is explained here by the glaciologist Heinrich Miller from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research.

HELMHOLTZ Extreme: The loudest workstation

The explosion is up to 263 decibels loud that Thomas Jordan creates at his work-station. Compared to this, a jet taking off with its 110 decibels sounds almost like a whisper.


Resources: “Like sand on the beach” – nothing of the sort!

Worldwide deposits of sand are running short: Unbridled demand, mostly from the construction industry, is in the meantime endangering the entire ecosystem. Even research scientists are hot on the trail for this underrated raw material.

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