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Magnetism: Breaking the law

Using neutron beams and extreme temperatures, research scientists are delving deep into the secrets of magnets. Their findings have enabled them to challenge a previously undisputed certainty.


Portrait: The Student-Whisperer

Don’t just lecture: Matthias Streller investigates why it is that teenagers in school labs are suddenly becoming interested in natural sciences.


Interview: “We are often times left empty-handed”

Research scientists have discovered a new antibiotic that is effective against numerous resistant germs. Tanja Schneider from the German Centre for Infection Research explains how the scientists were able to track down the active ingredient, and why success stories are so rare when combating bacteria.


Fokus@Helmholtz: Citizen Science

What are the advantages of citizen participation in scientific projects? Where are the limitations? And why is it that not all scientists are enthusiastic about this trend? Advocates as well as pundits come together for a discussion in Berlin concerning “Citizen Science”.


Research: The Plastic Plague

There are millions upon millions of tonnes of plastic waste floating in the sea. A problem with global dimensions has been developing out of this for many years now. Scientists are investigating the consequences for marine fauna - and are searching for approaches to getting the waste under control.


ERC Grant: "Nothing else in Europe can compete with it"

His research took him to Alaska, but the prestigious ERC grant brought Guido Grosse back to Europe. In this interview, the geologist explains how research into permafrost can even be  conducted from Potsdam.



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