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MRSA: Preparing the counterstrike

They are one of the worst problems facing German hospitals: germs that have become resistant to antibiotics. In their battle against perilous bacteria, scientists are now hoping for positive results from two new substances  


Series: "The worst was all that paperwork"

Don’t just lecture: Matthias Streller investigates why it is that teenagers in school labs are suddenly becoming interested in natural sciences.


Libraries: The silent death of books

In libraries and archives acid disintegration is incessantly eating away at valuable books. Preserving them is quite complicated and expensive. What is preservation of our cultural heritage worth to us?


HELMHOLTZ extreme: The most sensitive light-switch

A protein from green algae that will supposedly revolutionise brain research? Just a few years ago, that was still an absurd notion for most scientists.


Foto: GanJun/Imaginechina/Corbis

City of the future: More people, more data

What are the advantages of citizen participation in scientific projects? Where are the limitations? And why is it that not all scientists are enthusiastic about this trend? Advocates as well as pundits come together for a discussion in Berlin concerning “Citizen Science”.


Digital dementia: Are laptops and smartphones making our memories shrink?

Telephone numbers, travel directions or Wikipedia are always available with a smartphone in your pocket. Because of this, are we having more problems today with remembering things, or are we just using our grey cells for other activities?


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