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Dyslexia: Struggling with the alphabet

Dyslexics quite often receive help only after it is too late. Finally, researchers are working on early recognition of the reading and writing disorder - and are counting on a mixture of psychological tests and high-tech instruments.

Millennium Development Goals: A life with dignity for everybody

At the turn of the millennium, the heads of state and government leaders of the Member States of the United Nations formulated eight common goals that are intended to improve the lives of human beings. What has actually changed since then?


Portrait: Searching for treasure in the deep sea

As a young research scientist Peter Herzig ploughed through the ocean in 1983, in order to find the previously unknown “black smokers”. As Director of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel he is currently working to assure that other scientists are able to make such expeditions.


HELMHOLTZ extreme: The thinnest material

Among the natural-science fields of activity, material research is one of the less glamorous. But some materials have the potential to become a hit – and this is valid, once and for all, for graphene.


Our favourite summer topic: BBQ!

As soon as the weather is nice, the barbeque grills start smoking – frequently more than they should. This is almost always attended by a guilty conscience: That black stuff there – isn’t it better if we cut that off? Shouldn’t we really throw out that piece of meat that got so dark? Can we get cancer from charred food? Don’t panic!


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