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Supernovae: Celestial findings from the deep sea

Recently an international team succeeded in verifying the isotope Iron-60 in deep-sea sediment. It came into existence in the fire-balls of exploding stars and made its way to the Earth millions of years ago. These supernovae were so close and so bright that our early ancestors were able to see them even during daylight hours.


Solar fuels: The quest for the perfect energy storage system

Our sun delivers huge amounts of energy to us every day. But we are only making use of a small percentage of it. If Kathrin Aziz-Lange had her way, this situation would soon be changed. The physicist from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin is working on a system for storing the energy of the sun and making it available whenever we need it.


HELMHOLTZ Extreme: The fastest wireless data transmission

Research scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) hold a remarkable record: They succeeded in transmitting data at a rate of 100 gigabit per second – by means of a wireless connection over a distance of 20 metres. 


Climate agreement: “After the conference is before the conference”

The delegates from more than 150 nations recently signed the Paris Climate Agreement in New York on 22 April. The treaty of last December was celebrated as a breakthrough. However, the journey to this ambitious objective - decelerating climate change - remains a long one indeed.


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