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N² Event

N² Science Communication Conference on 6-8 November 2017 in Berlin

Get the chance to learn from advanced scientists and experts in public media

The joint event of N² – the PhD networks Max Planck PhDnet, Helmholtz Juniors and
Leibniz PhD Network – is meant to give an insight into state-of-the-art science
communication as well as a possibility to explore new avenues without neglecting
the past. How is the digital age changing the way we communicate science to
society? How open is science itself and towards the public? To what extent does
society rely on the expert knowledge of scientists?
Taking these questions as a landmark we want to celebrate a science festival with
workshops, performances, exhibitions, talks, and presentations. The goal is to have
an outreach to scientists by informing and encouraging doctoral researches to try
new ways of communication.

As part of the Berlin Science Week, we open our conference to the public on Monday evening (6th November). Join our festival "Science Beyond Borders" and enjoy science in poetry, design and performance! Find more information here.

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