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Helmholtz: Sustainable research shapes the future

The mission of the Helmholtz Association is research that contributes significantly to answering major and pressing questions of science, society and industry. Our scientists focus on systems of high complexity that affect people and the environment. This involves, for example, securing mobility and energy supplies, preserving an intact environment for future generations, or finding therapies for previously incurable diseases.

The work of the Helmholtz Association aims to secure the basis of human life in the long term and to create the technological basis for a competitive economy. Excellent scientists work in the research centers, supported by an efficient infrastructure and modern research management, to achieve these goals.

The Helmholtz Association pools its strengths in six research fields: Energy; Earth and Environment; Health; Information; Aeronautics; Space and Transport; and Matter. For each Research Field, the scientists develop research programs that are evaluated by international experts.

This evaluation forms the basis for the program-oriented funding of Helmholtz research. In the six Research Fields, Helmholtz scientists cooperate with each other and with external partners across disciplinary, organizational and national boundaries. The name Helmholtz stands for sustainable research, which presupposes networking as a principle for thinking and acting in research.

Sustainable and concerted research is powerful and flexible. With it, Helmholtz pursues the goal of creating viable foundations for shaping the future.

Our mission in practice:

We are shaping the world of tomorrow. We provide answers to the big questions of our time and develop solutions for the future. We conduct research in the fields of energy, earth & environment, health, information, aeronautics, space & transport and matter.

We work in a networked manner with a clear focus. Our overarching research programs connect the 18 Research Centers. Our partners are leading experts and institutions from Germany and abroad. Independent experts review our long-term research programs. Their judgment determines whether and how we use funding.

We disseminate our knowledge to society. Our researchers take a holistic approach to complex challenges: They engage in basic research, but also quickly bring innovative solutions into practice. We make our knowledge freely accessible to the general public as well as to interested parties from science and industry.

We rely on cutting-edge technologies. We develop and operate a network of large-scale equipment and test facilities that is unique in the world. It is open to scientists from all over the world.

We promote talent worldwide. Our employees form the basis for our cutting-edge research. We support them at every stage of their scientific development. Diversity, equal opportunities and the compatibility of career and family are a matter of course for us.


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