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Here you can find the contact details of the staff of the Research section:

Sören Wiesenfeldt

Head of Department Research
Helmholtz Association

Malgorzata Radtke

Assistant Research and Strategy
Helmholtz Association

Sylvia Sibilak

Team assistant Research Department
Helmholtz Association

Sylke Selzer

Project- and Processmanagement
Research Department
Helmholtz Association

Research Fields

Egbert Jolie

Chief Research Manager Energy
Helmholtz Association

Cathrin Brüchmann

Chief Research Manager Earth and Environment
Helmholtz Association

Katja Großmann

Forschungsbereichsbeauftragte Gesundheit
Helmholtz Association

Christian Beilmann

Chief Research Manager Information
Helmholtz Association

Ilja Bohnet

Chief Research Manager Matter
Helmholtz Association

Nicolas Tellner

Chief Research Manager Aeronautics, Space, and Transport
Helmholtz Association

Delegates for the research fields in Brussels Office

Nicolas Villacorta

Delegate for the research area Matter in Brussels
Policy Officer for Helmholtz’ research infrastructures in the EU
Helmholtz Association

Andreas Krell

Delegate for the research area Earth and Environment
Helmholtz Association

Holger Ihssen

• Delegate for research area Energy
• European Energy Research Alliance (EERA)
• Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)

Jens Jäger

Delegate for the research area Health

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