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Communication & External Affairs

Here you can find the contact details of the staff of the Communication & External Affairs section.


Helmholtz-Geschäftsstelle, Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2, 10178 Berlin, +49 30 206 329-0, info@helmholtz.de

Effrosyni Chelioti

Director External Affairs / Deputy Managing Director
Helmholtz Association

Sebastian Grote

Head of Communications
Helmholtz Association

Myriam Kölpin

Assistant to the Head of External Affairs
Helmholtz Association

Sofia Cancar

Student assistant
Helmholtz Association

Marie-Irène Igelmann

Media Relations Manager
Helmholtz Association

Henning Krause

Social Media Manager
Helmholtz Association

Stephanie Lochmüller

Art Director & Brand Manager

Martina Grünwald

Digital Content Managerin
Helmholtz Association

Franziska Roeder

Multimedia Editor
Helmholtz Association

Martin Trinkaus

Senior Online Manager
Helmholtz Association

Alexandra Rosenbach

International Relations Manager/Deputy Director External Affairs
Helmholtz Association

Nicolas Cluzel

International Affairs Manager
Helmholtz Association

Isabelle Winter

Public Affairs Manager
Helmholtz Association

Christin Liedtke

Adviser Science Communication/Citizen Science/Event Manager
Helmholtz Association

Elena Wilkniß

Adviser Research Marketing & Event Management
Helmholtz Association

Vanessa Tietsche

Apprentice Office Mangagement
Helmholtz Association

Laura Krellwitz

Front Office / Public Affairs
Helmholtz Association

Office Brussels

Rue du Trône 98, 1050 Brüssel, Belgien, +32 2 5000 970, bruessel@helmholtz.de

Ioannis Legouras

Head of the Brussels Office

Alexandra-Sonja Lawson

• Assistant to the Director
• Office administration, conference room

Dorothea Kapitza

• Legal Advisor

Kristine August

PR and Political Communication

Andreas Krell

Delegate for the research field Earth and Environment

Nicolas Villacorta

• Delegate for the research field Matter
• Research infrastructures in the EU

Holger Ihssen

• Delegate for research field Energy
• European Energy Research Alliance (EERA)

Anna Cattani-Scholz

• Delegate for the research field Information

Jens Jäger

• Delegate for the research field Health

Barbara Geilen

• Assistant to Delegates for the research fields
• Office administration

Office Tel Aviv

Helmholtz Israel Office, c/o Wework Midtown,Menachem Begin 144, 6492102 Tel Aviv, Israel

Andrea Frahm

Director Israel Office
Helmholtz Association

Efrat Haba

Event Manager, Israel Office
Helmholtz Association

Carolin Bischop

Project Manager, Israel Office
Helmholtz Association

Beijing Office

Diplomatic Office Building DRC D1-1102B, Dongfang Donglu 19, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100004

Hong He

Head Beijing Office
Helmholtz Association

Tong Liu

Helmholtz Association

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