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Innovative concepts for better accelerators: The ACID (Accelerator Design and Integrated Detectors) section

Accelerators and detectors are among the key tools of particle, hadron and nuclear physics. Without them, it would be impossible to penetrate ever deeper into the microcosm, for example to bring to light novel details about the strong interaction.

In the design of accelerators and detectors, the experts push the boundaries of what’s technologically feasible. Instead of being able to rely on standard components, they often have to plan, develop and realize completely new components.

At the Helmholtz Institute Mainz, the ACID (Accelerator Design and Integrated Detectors) section is working on such innovative accelerator technologies. In close cooperation with other sections of the HIM, the ACID section devises concepts that will enable significantly better and more precise experiments. The focus is on two projects: One team is developing a novel superconducting accelerator that will enable superheavy chemical elements to be produced much more effectively than before. Another group is working on an expansion stage of the future FAIR accelerator HESR in Darmstadt. Its aim is to ensure that the new facility will one day generate significantly more particle collisions—and thus allow more measurement data to be recorded.

Details on the HIM-Website.

Prof. Dr. Kurt Aulenbacher

Section leader


Institut für Kernphysik

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität


Dr. Winfried Barth

Section leader


GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung


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