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The Helmholtz Association regularly takes a stand on current discussions in science and science policy. On this page you will find an overview of statements and positions.

Position papers and statements

“The Fusion Energy Options” - Discussion paper on potential Helmholtz contributions to fusion research – The President of the Helmholtz Association has commissioned a Task Force to analyze the status quo of both magnet- and laser-based fusion research and to identify the contributions already underway as well as potential additional contributions from the Association. The task force has submitted a discussion paper for the fall meeting of the Helmholtz General Assembly and presented its findings.

“Making Digital Research Data Openly Accessible” – Position Paper on the Handling of Research Data – The Helmholtz Association presents a position paper on the handling of research data. It also promotes the development of an internationally networked research data infrastructure with the Helmholtz Data Federation (HDF) and joins the international Research Data Alliance (RDA) initiative.

Open Science – Berlin Declaration on Access to Scientific Knowledge – The Helmholtz Association calls for open access to scientific publications, research data and software and was one of the first signatories of the “Berlin Declaration on Access to Scientific Knowledge” in 2003. Since 2005, the Helmholtz Open Science Coordination Office has been supporting scientists at the Helmholtz Centers in implementing Open Science.  Open Science


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