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Helmholtz Association Research Awards

Since the formation of the Helmholtz Association (1995/2001) two scientists have received Nobel Prizes.

From the year 1999, the Helmholtz Association annually awards the Science Award of the Stifterverband - Erwin Schrödinger Prize.

Nobel Prizes in the Helmholtz Association
Two Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Helmholtz-researchers so far. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Prof. Dr Stefan Hell, the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008 to Prof. Dr Dr Harald zur Hausen and the Nobel Prize in Physics 2007 to Prof. Dr Peter Grünberg.

To the Nobel Prize laureates in the Helmholtz Association

Erwin Schrödinger Prize
The Stifterverband Science Award – Erwin Schrödinger Prize recognises outstanding scientific achievements and technological innovations at the interface between various disciplines in medicine, the natural sciences and engineering. The work must involve representatives of at least two disciplines.

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