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Helmholtz-Roadmap for Research Infrastructure

This roadmap presents a list that has been coordinated within the Helmholtz  Association of those research infrastructures which will be strategically relevant for the Helmholtz Association, or in the individual research fields, for  implementation of the scientific portfolio.

These projects are regarded as being  desirable and necessary in the six research fields of the Association from a  scientific point of view and in consideration of scientific policies. The roadmap of  the Helmholtz Association is based on role models such as the ESFRI [European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures] roadmap. The list that has been coordinated in the individual research fields with the prioritised research infrastructures over the next ten years, from a current point of view, is supplemented by an overview of the planned building period and estimated investment costs, as well as a brief profile for each research infrastructure. The list of Helmholtz projects is supplemented with a list of those ESFRI projects, in the preparation and implementation of which, the Helmholtz Centres are now already significantly involved. 

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Helmholtz-Roadmap for Research Infrastructure