The Human Brain Model: Connecting neuronal structure and function across temporal and spatial scales

Network Coordinators:

  • Prof. Dr. Karl Zilles, FZJ Jülich
  • Prof. Dr. Rolf Kötter, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
  • Prof. Dr. Gerd Kempermann, CRTD Dresden

Project Overview:

Within the network entitled “The Human Brain Model” we will investigate structure function relationships in the human brain as a multi-scale complex system with eminent importance to biomedical research, clinical applications and societal issues.

The projected is structured into three workpackages, which are closely interconnected and together are aimed at gaining a better understanding of brain mechanisms through integration of data from different levels of spatial and / or temporal resolution.

Overview of the three workpackages (WP) with the corresponding spokespersons:

WP1: Complex Local Neural Networks - Connecting Neurons to Brain (Diesmann/Lübke)

P01 Feldmeyer, Lübke, Kötter:
The cortical column as an information processing unit

P02 Diesmann+Morrison:
Plastic and vertically structured recurrent cortical neuronal networks

P03 Grün+Diesmann:
Integrating spiking activities and mass population signals

P04 Offenhäusser+Grün:
Network activity and its relation to connectivity patterns

P05 Grün:
Multiple time scales of neuronal interaction

WP2: Connecting Large-Scale Structure and Function of the Human Brain (Kötter/Eickhoff)

P06 Zilles+Eickhoff:
Cortical distribution of neurotransmitter receptors

Characterization of human brain connectivity using multi-modal probability maps

P08 Stoerig+Kötter:
Analysis of crossmodal plasticity of the adult human brain in synthetic synaesthesia

P09 Kötter, Wanke:
Lesion analysis of human brain networks

WP3: Multiscale Temporal Processes - Experiments, Models, Applications (Kempermann/Tass)

P10 Tass+Freund:
Control of spatially distributed synchronization processes in the brain

P11 Kempermann+Wiskott:
Time scale problems in the function-dependent regulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis

P12 Tass+Kempermann:
Model-based development of control techniques for the modulation of neurogenesis and plasticity

P13 Müller, Fried, Kaupp:
The impact of HCN channels for olfactory information processing