Jahresveranstaltung 2017

Quantum Technologies:
How will they change our world?

"The expectations are high: Quantum technologies are supposed to bring transformative advances to society. Future developments in e. g. robotics or autonomous vehicles strongly depend on whether their potential can be fully unleashed. The field of quantum research and its technological promises, however, are as intriguing as they can be incomprehensible.
With this event we also strive to break the futuristic term down to its possible meaning for our everyday life: How will future computing look like and what timescales are we speaking about? What impact might quantum technologies
have on e. g. communication and cryptography? The latest European Commission’s flagship initiative will address the quantum topic in depth. How can science and industry contribute – and collaborate?
By providing latest research examples and insights from politics and industry, the Helmholtz Association wants to foster the discussion on our technological future."

Dies sind einige der Themen und Fragen, die im Rahmen der Helmholtz-Jahresveranstaltung im März 2017 in Brüssel adressiert werden sollen.


    18:00    Einlass
    18:30    Begrüßung
    18:45    Impulse aus Politik und Wissenschaft
    19:15    Podiumsdiskussion
    20:00    Empfang

Einladung und detailliertes Programm

Interview mit Prof. Wernsdorfer "Von Qubits und spukhafter Fernwirkung"

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Vertretung des Freistaates Bayern bei der Europäischen Union




Anfahrt zum Büro Brüssel