Jahresveranstaltung 2016

Our unknown oceans:
Understanding their role – exploring their potential

"Our oceans are so vast and deep that their resources seem unlimited, that our actions seem to remain without consequences. Yet, it is a fairly unknown world - and a highly sensitive ecosystem. If we bring the oceans out of balance, we unbalance ourselves. Though clearly sensing that we might be wrong, mankind tends to exploit the oceans inan insatiable manner.
Understanding the oceans is critical: What integrated observation systems do we need for assessing their role, especially in the climate system? What ecological impact results from deep sea mining? How can researchers contribute to a reasonable use of the oceans' potential?
Various recent policy initiatives address this topic. Future developments, however, strongly depend on whether these can be brought to life. By providing latest research examples and insights from politics and industry, the Helmholtz Association wants to foster the discussion for a sustainable approach."

Dies war am 15. März 2016 das Thema der Brüsseler Jahresveranstaltung der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft sein.


  • 18:00    Get together
  • 18:30    Welcome addresses
  • 18:45    Key notes by science and politics
  • 19:15    Panel discussion
  • 20:00    Reception

Einladung und detailliertes Programm

Lesen Sie hier ein Interview mit Podiumsdiskutant Professor Martin Visbeck zum Thema "Die Vermessung der Ozeane".

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Vertretung des Freistaates Bayern bei der Europäischen Union




Anfahrt zum Büro Brüssel