Wer steckt dahinter? Menschen in der Helmholtz-Geschäftsstelle

In dieser Rubrik stellen wir kurz und knapp die Mitarbeiter der Helmholtz-Geschäftsstelle vor.

Heute: Billy Shapira, Leiterin des Helmholtz-Büros in Tel-Aviv
Bei Helmholtz seit: 2018

What are you doing at Helmholtz?
I got the job of being the head of the Helmholtz office in Israel. I hope to enlarge the science and research connection between the 18 centers in Germany with institutes in Israel like universities, research centers and all kinds of start-ups who are looking for young scientists. So actually, I plan to build a Helmholtz Innovation hub in Israel. Working around clever people in a university or in research centers should be a blessing and employees in these areas need to make the best of it for their own good and for the place they work in.

What have you done before?
After my army service I studied in Jerusalem and worked as a student assistant for the university in the student affairs section. After that I was the head of directors in the university office then HR-Officer and then became the vice president and CEO of the university for 8 years. After 42 years I got in early retirement. But as you can see, it didn't last long. Only a little while later, I received an offer by Professor Wiestler to build a Helmholtz office in Israel. You know, I'm a mother of four children and five granddaughters. Having a big family has never stopped me or my husband of making meaningful careers.

What do you like about your current field of activity?
The opportunity to start something from scratch and that everything I do are milestones of a longer journey, also the feeling to enlarge something in the important field of research. Building an office in Tel-Aviv is something, from which Israel can benefit from Germany and the other way around. I think it is a win-win approach. Working at Helmholtz with the amazing people I already met is an enormous privilege and I feel very blessed.

Who do you interact with?
With the Head Office, especially Effrosyni Chelioti, Ute Gerlach and Alexandra Rosenbach and the team of “Communication and External Affairs” like Roland, the Press Spokesperson. I’m also in tight contact with the people from “Transfer and Innovation“, which is a very important field especially in Israel, and also with many colleagues in the Helmholtz centers.

What do you like doing outside office hours?
I love to cook. Every Friday we have family day. I always prepare dinner for my whole family and I have a big one, all together 16 people. I also love to read, travel and do a lot of walking in the mountains of Jerusalem. And of course, reading the News.

Das Interview führte Nathalie Houdelet.




  • Photo of Franziska Roeder