Transfer goals and objectives

The current annual budget increase of three percent for the Joint Initiative for Innovation and Research is linked to specific objectives, which also affect the Transfer and Innovation department. The Helmholtz Association pursues ambitious goals, above all with a view to establishing and developing a transfer culture within the Association.

This will continue in the time remaining for the third phase of the initiative and on into the upcoming fourth phase. This culture is derived from a complex interplay of standards, patterns of behavior, values, strategies, and incentives designed to encourage the transfer of knowledge and technology.

It will be delivered through three interlinked topic areas, which will be driven forward and implemented by means of practical measures during the new phase of the initiative.

  • Mission 1: Measures to strengthen a mindset that is open to the transfer process (transfer welcome mindset). In addition to comprehensive capacity-building measures in the sense of the deliberate integration of transfer content into further education and training activities, this will also include a clear commitment to the transfer process at management level within the Centers with a portfolio of instruments and funding lines.
  • Mission 2: Measures to directly support transfer activities originating at the Centers.
  • Mission 3: Measures for the development of a set of indicators and an impact assessment in the form of a transfer barometer.
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  • Photo of Arne Meyer-Haake