Research Days

The objective of “Research Days“ is that enterprises should be able to gain insights into relevant Helmholtz Association research projects and initiate possible collaboration projects or licensing. The format was carried out recently with enterprises from various sectors.

2015: ICL
2014: Bosch and Magna
2013: Bayer
2012: Roche

Moreover, in recent years innovation workshops with the firms IBM, Zeiss and Siemens have taken place. Further “Research Days“ are currently in planning.


In the foreground of the event, a match-making procedure based on the interests of Helmholtz researchers and researchers from the enterprises is established. On the basis of a wish list from possible collaboration fields of the industrial partners (e.g. as a presentation), a Call for Proposals is carried out among the researchers from the relevant Helmholtz Centres. Then the proposals (about 1 page, usually for collaboration projects, licensing, joint ventures, etc.) are collected and given to the enterprise. A selection of suitable topics takes place initiated by the technical department i.e. innovation management.

With the aim of a good match, preparation takes about 3 to 6 months depending on the scope. On the Research Day itself which takes place at the enterprise or at a Helmholtz Centre, 10-minute presentations are given to the enterprise experts by the Helmholtz researchers in the plenary assembly. In the afternoon, more in-depth discussions are carried out with the industrial representatives, for the most part under CDA at the working level.

A “Research Day“ with your enterprise:

Is your enterprise interested in specific research topics that are tailor-made for your product and technology fields? We will carry out a Research Day with you and your partner company. Contact us.

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