Helmholtz Association Transfer Instruments

The Helmholtz Association has several knowledge and technology transfer instruments. Each starts at different stage in the application-readiness level, in the progression from basic research to application, and each helps researchers bridge specific gaps in the transfer pathway.

The Helmholtz Association’s transfer instruments are highlighted in the following illustration and short descriptions.

First row: “CTO-Circle“, “Research Days“, “Start-up Days“ and “Innovation Days“ are events or expert platforms which promote exchange . More on event formats.

Second row: innovation funds at each research centre strengthen technology transfer activities. More on innovation funds at Helmholtz Centres.

Third row: innovation labs promote new, open formats of cooperation between industry and scientists at the Helmholtz Centres. More on Helmholtz Innovation Labs.

Fourth row: the validation fund helps assess a new technology’s market readiness. More about the Helmholtz Validation Fund.

Fifth row: the Helmholtz Enterprise programme supports the creation of spin-off businesses. More on Helmholtz Enterprise.

In addition, pilot projects covering a range of activities raise the innovation capability of scientists within the centres. More on pilot projects.

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