Validation projects

Validation is one of the most critical phases in technology transfer. In this step, new technologies are transferred into applicable products services. This also involves identification of the promising application fields and subsequent development of functioning demonstrators or prototypes. This step is fraught with a high degree of uncertainty, since this is the first stage at which it becomes apparent whether the developments actually fulfill the basic demands in the respective area of application.

Accomplishing validation projects together:

The validation projects promoted by the Helmholtz Association are directed at further development of exciting new technologies. Within the projects, there is collaboration with partners from industry who are interested in mutual development or licensing. If you or your company are interested in getting involved as an investment partner in the context of a validation project, we would be pleased if you would contact us.

Supportive transfer instruments:

For further development of scientific and application projects, the “Helmholtz Validation Fund” was set up as a transfer instrument. The fund supports corresponding projects under participation from the individual Centre with aid up to 2M euros for a time period of two years.

In the first phase of the Helmholtz Validation Fund (2011-2015), 21 projects have been selected for funding. Between now and the year 2020, 40 additional validation programs on their way to commercialisation shall be supported.

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